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When one of our founders published her first book, she thought that writing was just an activity to channel the imagination. However, after she had been in the writing industry many years later and published several works, she realized that the power of storytelling is not only limited to channeling the imagination, but also creating impacts. 


Everything in our life is part of a story, thus we believe that every brand also has an unique story that can be combined into various marketing activities. Nevertheless, many of them still do not have the strategy and capability to make it happen. Hence, we are committed to starting this step by not only helping small and local businesses in determining strategies, but also empowering them to create a bigger impact through the stories they have.




The passion for writing flows in our blood. We believe that writing can be a great way to tell stories. Writing is not only about the words, it even can be integrated into something bigger than what you have ever expected. 

In this digital era, every brand should be more outstanding than the others to get exposed. Your digital existence matters, so we are here to provide you with an impactful strategy that can enhance your audience digitally. 

Nowadays, people are more interested in the story behind the scene than just a marketing gimmick. To engage your brand with the audience, you can start with communicating your values, especially through the editorial products.

Need someone to brainstorm dan discuss your ideas? Do not worry, we are all ears! Through our consulting services, we will try to solve your problem and make your goals happen.  



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