Who we are drives what we do.

Sanoebari is an Indonesian creative and writing agency with a bunch of ingenious people who are ready to support brands in crafting meaningful pieces of message and content on a sustained and long-term basis.

We believe there are many ways to introduce and engage your brands to the audience, hence we present our creative and influential solutions through stories that can be integrated into films, campaigns, visuals, intellectual property, and many more.

​Interested to work with us? Be ready, we will bump you with thousands of ideas!


Helping and empowering brands to grow sustainably through the power of storytelling.

Meet Our Founders

Laili Muttamimah

Laili Muttamimah


Laili is an author with three published novels and 6+ years of experience in the writing industry. With a background from communication studies, Laili has been managing several creative projects since 2016. 


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Ibnu Mansyur


Ibnu is passionate about entrepreneurship. Before starting Sanoebari, he has experience in the legal and business field, with forte in strategic planning and analytical thinking.